Multitenant Residential Intercom Systems


We are familiar with intercom systems fitted within a single home for security purposes. A multitenant residential takes the requirements to a whole new level. The first obvious difference is the enormous size of the property (a larger number of units) that needs to be supervised. Thus, you need an intercom system that is built to function in this set up.

Multitenant residential intercom systems allow people in different areas of the building to communicate with each other via a centralized set up. It includes intercoms installed at various entry and exit points that relay messages and calls back and forth, ensuring security much in the same way that a single-dwelling intercom system does.

Depending on the model you choose, you can enjoy audio or video or audio and video surveillance. An intercom system with only audio features enables you to communicate only through voice communication. On the other hand, one with video features, allows you to hear as well see the person who comes knocking at your door. Monitors are installed in every apartment. Screen sizes range from 4.5 inches to 10

What Fire Extinguisher Is Right For Your Establishment?


Safety is essential in every establishment. That is why many building owners look for ways to ensure their investments are safe. For one, hiring a reliable contractor and construction company is important to ensure the construction of the project is accomplished properly. Next, working with an inspector can help get rid of faulty and hazardous items in the establishment. Investing in safety devices is also a must. When it comes to safety devices, one of the most popular is fire extinguishers.

Most of the time building and home owners think all fire extinguishers are the same. Unfortunately, there are numerous fire extinguishers to choose from that deal with different classes of fire. Below are some of the following.


Back in the days, there is only one type of fire extinguisher, the water fire. A water extinguisher is clean, easy to use, cheap to refill, and leaves no nasty sticky residue. This type of extinguisher is ideal for Class A fires. This type of extinguisher has a 13A rating. This rating indicates the size of fire it is able to extinguish.


The next popular type of

Clever And Effective Hidden Gun Safe Ideas


Standard gun safes are definitely the most secure method of storage for your personal firearms. Unfortunately, they are not the best solution for every situation. One drawback is that you cannot access a gun quickly should you have an intruder in the house, especially at night when you are in bed and the safe is in another room altogether. Another is that they are heavy and big, occupying space in plain sight. Because of this, they are automatic targets for thieves when you have a home break-in. Many gun owners are choosing to purchase hidden gun safes instead or in addition to your traditional ones to solve these problems.

The Best Hidden Safe Ideas

Hiding your weapons in plain sight also keeps them out of sight and unavailable to children and others who should not have them. These safes are generally designed as a hidden wall gun safe, designed to be standard home d├ęcor pieces with a little something extra, or constructed as hidden gun safe furniture. The wall safes are mounted in the wall between two studs with their doors mounted flush to the

How Safe Is Your Home? Some Things to Consider!

If you were a thief, where would you begin your search to find valuables in someone else’s home??? Remember, as a well-trained and seasoned thief, you know you only have about 8 minutes to collect items before you need to exit the house safely! Think about it. EIGHT MINUTES! That’s about the time it would take to listen to two songs on the radio. Where do you begin?

Would you look in the bedroom for jewelry left sitting on a dresser or vanity?

Would you look in dresser drawers for valuables hidden in socks?

How about the closet? Boxes in there might have valuable information or items.

Perhaps you should look in the dining room for silver pieces?

Aha! What about the family or game room? Oh no! Surely the 8 minutes must be about up and there could be some valuable computers or gaming equipment there!

These are the most likely places a thief will look BUT do you think he would look in your refrigerator for a can of soda pop or beer? Probably not unless he was thirsty!

Would he look in your bathroom for can of bathroom spray cleaner or shaving cream? He’s not crazy. He knows he only has about 8

The 7 Best Features in Surveillance Systems for Apartment Buildings

Out on the market to purchase a surveillance system for apartment buildings? Wondering which model will be the best for your apartment?

Keeping your property safe and reducing the risk of being intercepted is possible only with a feature-loaded, fully-functional surveillance security system. Every manufacturer claims only to make the best. If you want good value for your money, here are 7 features that you must have.

Low-light viewing

Most intruders set out at night as darkness easily conceals their acts. If your surveillance system fails to gather images or record videos because of poor lighting, it defeats its purpose. You can always add a porch light, but it’s impractical if you have multiple entry points. Surveillance systems with infrared detection are your best bet.

High resolution

The camera resolution is another primary feature you should enquire about when buying surveillance systems for apartments. An HD camera provides crisp and clear images, allowing you to see the minutest details. You won’t have to zoom in on grainy black and white images. The vivid full color images enable face recognition, license plate identification as well as actions. A camera with more pixels offers a higher resolution.

Real-time, remote monitoring

It is another indispensable feature

Wireless Alarm System – Protect Your Valuables And Your Loved Ones Right Now!

Arming, disarming, paying monthly fees, installing and dealing with multiple false alarms, are some of the things that are connected to wireless alarm systems. There are many elements to think about when it comes to wireless alarm systems. Many people around the world are asking themselves the question ” Is getting this type of system worthy of its hassle?”.

Below are some benefits to help you understand what this system can do for you.

Protect your valuables

This, of course, is the most common benefit that most people think of when they think of the benefits of a wireless alarm system. We all know someone who has lost jewelry, electronics, and many high valued items due to home burglaries. The tragedy is even worse when the item that is stolen is a family heirloom. Just the presence of a this type of system is enough to scare off many burglars. In addition, it can notify the authorities if someone attempts a break-in

Deters Crime

In a 2012 study conducted by the university of Miami, it was found that as the number of wireless home security systems increased in various areas across the world, the lower the crime rate was in those particular areas. Having

Security Camera Systems for Apartment Complexes – Why Go Wireless?

Till a few years ago, all devices around the home and office were tethered to wires. A cluster of wires, bunched inside casings, running along walls was a common sighting. However, today, apartment owners prefer a clean, non-clustered look. Hence, wireless and mobile systems are now enjoying immense favor.

Going wireless is also an option when it comes to fitting security camera systems for apartment complexes. And, there is a list advantages that can make it a suitable option for you. Take a look.

1. Ease of installation –

With a wired security camera system for apartment complexes, there is no DIY, unless you know what you are doing. A professional will have to drill holes, setup the wiring circuit and also fit new electric outlets if needed.

A wireless system earns its brownie points right here. It is powered by batteries and not electricity. With the instruction manual to guide you, you can complete the installation yourself. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour.

2. Flexibility –

There are no wires. So, you have the freedom to install the camera where you want, whether there is an electric outlet close by or no. Also, if you are a renter and shift residences often,